Greetings from the Committee,

Welcome to the website hosted by Matua Residents Assn for the people of Matua.

 If you have any comments or suggestions contact any one on the committee or email to and we will respond as soon as practicable.


Committee Membership

Richard Kluit  Chairman      0274337675  5761259

Mike Dyer  Treasurer         576 9289        Annette  Timms          576 2024

Lyn Donovan                      576 4942         Paul Chapman             570 0555

Derek Beaven                     576 1777        Rob Thomson             576 3960

Neil Chinnery-Brown         576 5991        Brian McKenzie          570 3670

 Annual General Meeting   

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on the 7th December 2016 at the Matua Hall   7.30 PM  All residents are welcome to attend. New members are always welcome and new committee members are always sought to add fresh ideas and energy to our community.



Lock your cars - There has been recent activity in early Matua.

Last year the community suffered from the activities of one individual with theft from cars. Unfortunately too many of our residents leave cars unlocked and valuables within easy reach. Please make sure you keep your vehicles locked, even when on your own property. Take valuables inside and keep doors locked. Currently there has been activity of this nature in and around Meadowland St.

 If you can help with Community Patrols please check out the relevant information on this website. 

Tsunami Awareness

MRA is actively supporting the TCC Tsunami Awareness program as the consequences of a Tsunami would be significant in our community and the surrounding  suburbs. The area along Levers Road is deemed to be a SAFE ZONE and we therefore promote the Matua Hall, Matua Primary grounds and Matua Bowling Club as areas in which to assemble. The hall would be the centre of coordination for assistance and it is probable we would be standing alone.The magnitude earthquake to create a Tsunami would be Grade 8 and be centred in the Kermadec trench off East cape. There would be a fifty minute timeframe after the earthquake to get to the Safe Zones. There will be no time to wait for Civil Defence instruction as at best they need an hour minimum for staff to arrive, if at all possible. All electricity and phone lines would be severely affected by the level of quake.

Families, neighbours and organisations need to have a plan of action in place, as well as basic supplies. Always have a separate supply of medications, either in your emergency pack or located in your car or with family/friends nearby.  More on this will follow.

Neighbourhood Support

We are actively promoting this community and Police initiative to assist in both Civil emergency and crime prevention. Two committee members have volunteered to be coordinators for Matua and are working through the present list of street coordinators to update records  Contact Nedil Chinnery Brown on 5765991 to discuss further.



Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency we seek a list of volunteers who are prepared to assist.

                         If called upon can you assist?


At present we are faced with the possibility of oil on our foreshore.

 Register your availability by emailing the following information to


Matua Residents Assn Emergency Response Personnel

Name                  Contact #'s                    

Rob Thomson     07 5763960       
                           207 2366570     

Richard Kluit       07 5761259                                                

                           0274 337675                                              


On this page you will find information on:  Justices of the Peace 

                                                                Tennis Courts,

                                                                Communty Patrols,



Refer to the yellow pages under Justices of the Peace or contact the local JP's in Matua.

J Best   5700990            M Cooper    5766378         L Davies  5769085 

K Hamm  5767515         W Lemberg 5703426        D Thomas  0211246689

R Havill  5760331          J Mainland    5765063     

G Opie   5763995         E Simm      5701117  

J Wilson 5766144         L Young 5764004

Tennis Courts

The community courts are available to all members of the community for a small donation. Please leave them in a tidy condition and take any rubbish away with you. Thank you.

The management of the courts is by the owners of the Matua Dairy and Lotto just across Levers Road from the Park. Call in and get your key.